Tata Power: Fueling Optimism with Impressive Q2 2023 Performance and Stock Price Prospects

Tata Power: Fueling Optimism with Impressive Q2 2023 Performance and Stock Price Prospects
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Financial Performance : Q2 2023

  • Tata Power reported a 7% year-on-year increase in its consolidated net profit at Rs 876 crore for Q2 2023, compared to Rs 819 crore in the same period last year.
  • Revenue from operations in the June quarter increased by 12% to Rs 15,738 crore, up from Rs 14,031 crore in the previous year.
  • EBITDA for the April-June period reached Rs 3,090 crore, showing a remarkable 76% YoY growth from Rs 1,759 crore in the previous year.
  • Margins improved to 19.6% in the reporting period.

Business Segments

  • During the quarter, 84% of the company’s profit came from core businesses, including generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • Contributions from overseas joint ventures, including coal mining operations, showed positive trends.
  • The revenue growth was largely driven by higher revenue from core businesses.
  • Tata Power attributed its strong financial performance to a healthy balance sheet, operational excellence, and synergies across all business clusters.

New Growth Initiatives

  • Tata Power is making significant progress in new areas of growth, including a greenfield solar cell and module manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu, which produced its first module in this quarter and is on track to roll out the first cell in Q4FY24.

Clean Energy Portfolio

  • The company’s clean energy portfolio achieved the milestone of 5,500 MW during the reporting quarter, representing 38% of total installed generation capacity.
  • In the renewable energy business, Tata Power Renewable Energy has a total renewables capacity of 7,961 MW, with 4,206 MW installed and 3,755 MW in various stages of implementation.
  • The utility-scale order book stands at 3.7 GW worth Rs 15,870 crore, and the rooftop solar and group captive order book is at Rs 2,872 crore.

E-Mobility Segment

Tata Power has successfully energized 561 public EV charging points, bringing the total count of public charging points to over 4,900.

Distribution Business

Remarkable progress has been made in the distribution business, with improved cash flow and reduced AT&C losses in Odisha.

Comparing Tata Power’s Q2 and Q1 2023 Financial Performance: Positive Trends Emerge

Positive Comparisons

  • Total Income (TI) increased slightly from ₹15,484.71 crore in Q1 to ₹15,738 crore in Q2, indicating a positive trend.
  • Total Expenses (TE) decreased from ₹13,325.30 crore in Q1 to ₹13,138.42 crore in Q2, reflecting cost management improvements.
  • EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) saw a notable increase, rising from ₹2,174.52 crore in Q1 to ₹2,346.29 crore in Q2, showcasing improved profitability.
  • Profit After Tax (PAT) experienced a significant rise, growing from ₹777.73 crore in Q1 to ₹972.49 crore in Q2, indicating stronger financial performance.
  • Basic Earnings Per Share (EPS) increased, with a rise from ₹2.43 in Q1 to ₹3.04 in Q2, benefiting shareholders.

Negative Comparison

  • EBIT Margin % decreased slightly from 16.32% in Q1 to 15.15% in Q2, indicating a slightly lower margin.

Mixed Comparison

  • Net Profit Margin % increased from 5.84% in Q1 to 6.28% in Q2, showing improved profitability compared to Q1.

Does a Declining EBIT Margin Have a Major Impact on Stock Performance?

The impact of a declining EBIT Margin on a company’s stock performance can vary from minor to major. It depends on factors like the magnitude of the decline, investor perception, market conditions, the company’s response, and analyst reactions. Minor impacts are possible if it’s seen as temporary, while major impacts can occur if it’s viewed as a long-term issue.

Stock Performance Analysis of Tata Power Company Ltd. on BSE and NSE – Wednesday , November 8, 2023

BSE Performance

Tata Power Company Ltd.’s stock, represented by the symbol “TATAPOWER,” closed at a price of ₹254.90 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This marked a notable gain of ₹5.15, equivalent to a 2.06% increase. The closing data is as of 03:59 pm IST. Tata Power operates in the Power sector and belongs to the Power – Integrated industry.

Intraday Details on BSE

Throughout the trading day, the stock opened at ₹252.80 and reached its highest point at ₹256.30. The lowest price recorded during the trading hours was ₹251.45. The stock saw a trading volume of 6,12,469 shares on the BSE, and the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for the day was ₹254.11.

NSE Performance

Tata Power Company Ltd.’s stock, trading under the same symbol “TATAPOWER,” also exhibited positive performance on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). It closed at a price of ₹254.95, showing a gain of ₹5.15, or a 2.06% increase. The closing data is based on trading until 03:59 pm IST.

Intraday Details on NSE

On the NSE, the stock began the trading day at ₹252.90 and reached a peak of ₹256.35. The lowest price observed during NSE trading hours was ₹253.76. The stock had a substantial trading volume, with a total of 1,31,31,393 shares changing hands.

Strong Q2 2023 Performance Positions Tata Power for Potential Stock Price Growth

The remarkable performance of Tata Power in Q2 2023, characterized by a significant increase in consolidated net profit, revenue, and profitability, has the potential to positively impact the company’s stock price in the upcoming days.

Investors and analysts may view this strong financial performance as a sign of the company’s resilience and growth potential. The increase in profit, earnings per share, and overall financial health could attract more investors, driving up demand for Tata Power’s stock.

However, it’s important to note that stock prices are influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, economic conditions, and industry trends, so the actual impact on stock price will depend on a combination of these elements.


What were the key highlights of Tata Power’s Q2 2023 financial performance?

Tata Power reported a 7% YoY increase in consolidated net profit, a 12% rise in revenue, and a remarkable 76% growth in EBITDA. Margins improved to 19.6%.

What contributed to Tata Power’s strong financial performance in Q2 2023?

Core businesses, overseas joint ventures, and higher revenue from core operations drove the company’s financial success.

Are there new growth initiatives in Tata Power’s portfolio?

Yes, Tata Power is progressing in areas like greenfield solar cell and module manufacturing, with plans to roll out its first cell in Q4FY24.

How has Tata Power fared in the clean energy sector?

Tata Power’s clean energy portfolio reached 5,500 MW, representing 38% of total installed generation capacity.

What was Tata Power’s stock performance on November 8, 2023?

On that day, Tata Power’s stock showed a notable gain on both BSE and NSE, closing with a 2.06% increase in value.


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