L&T Tech Strong Q2 Performance and Stock Challenges Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

L&T Tech Strong Q2 Performance and Stock Challenges Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict
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L&T Tech Robust Financial Performance

L&T Tech has unveiled a commendable financial performance in its latest quarterly results. The company’s fiscal health reflects its resilience and strategic strength in a dynamic market environment.

Consolidated Net Profit

One of the key highlights in these results is the notable 5% growth in the company’s consolidated net profit. In the quarter ending in September, L&T Tech recorded a net profit of Rs 315 crore, demonstrating substantial progress from the previous year when it stood at Rs 300 crore. This reflects a steady upward trajectory in the company’s profitability.

Impressive Revenue Growth

L&T Tech’s revenue from operations during this quarter saw a significant year-on-year increase of 5%, reaching Rs 2,387 crore. This marked growth, compared to the Rs 2,282 crore reported in the corresponding quarter the previous year, underlines the company’s ability to capture market opportunities and deliver value to its stakeholders.

Investor Rewards with Interim Dividend

The company’s commitment to its shareholders is evident with the declaration of an interim dividend of Rs 17 per equity share. This decision underscores L&T Tech’s focus on delivering value to its investors.

Steady Currency-Adjusted Revenue

In constant currency terms, the revenue registered a 2% year-on-year growth, while the dollar revenue for the quarter stood at a substantial $288 million. These figures reflect the company’s resilience even in the face of currency fluctuations and its ability to maintain a strong financial position.

Operational Excellence

Notably, L&T Tech’s EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) for the September quarter came in at Rs 407 crore, boasting an EBIT margin of 17%. This underscores the company’s operational excellence and its ability to manage costs effectively.

Success in Contract Wins

In addition to its financial accomplishments, L&T Tech secured a total of seven contracts, each valued at over $10 million. This included an impressive set of six deals, each worth $15 million, across various industry segments. These contract wins attest to the company’s competitive strength and its ability to capture substantial business opportunities.

CEO’s Insight : Amit Chadha, the CEO & MD of L&T Tech, emphasized the company’s robust performance. Notably, the company experienced sequential revenue growth of 3.2% in constant currency, and its operating margin remained at 17% or higher. Despite facing challenges such as employee wage hikes, L&T Tech has continued to demonstrate resilience in its operational performance.

Building a Patent Portfolio : As of the end of the September quarter, L&T Tech has built a substantial patent portfolio, which comprises 1,198 patents. Impressively, 785 of these patents are co-authored with the company’s customers, highlighting collaborative innovation, while the rest are filed by the company.

This showcases L&T Tech’s commitment to technological innovation and the creation of intellectual property.

Robust Workforce : The company’s employee strength stood at 23,880 as of September 30, 2023. This signifies a significant and capable workforce that plays a crucial role in driving the company’s success and innovation.

L&T Tech Stock Under Pressure Amidst the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Prominent Role in Nifty Midcap 50

L&T Tech holds a substantial position in the Nifty Midcap 50 index with a weightage of 2.16%. Its performance significantly influences the index’s overall standing.

Top Mid Cap Companies’ Impact on Nifty Midcap 50

The leading Mid Cap companies within the Nifty Midcap 50 index play a pivotal role in determining the index’s direction, whether it trends upwards or downwards. A decline in their stock prices can lead to a negative turn for the Nifty Midcap 50.

Global Focus on Indian Enterprises

While the Israel-Hamas conflict did not trigger a widespread panic in global markets, it did bring Indian companies with ties to Israel into the spotlight. L&T Tech is one such entity, and its stock has faced pressure in response to these global events.

L&T Tech’s Current Stock Performance

In light of ongoing geopolitical tensions, including the Israel-Hamas conflict, L&T Tech’s stock has shown signs of vulnerability. It registered a negative return of -10.18% in the past week, indicating the impact of global developments on its stock price.

Despite reporting a 5% increase in net profit in L&T Tech’s Q2 FY 2023-24 results compared to the previous year, the company’s stock has been experiencing a mixed performance. Following the Q2 result announcement, the closing price of the stock on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, witnessed a decrease, indicating a complex market response.

  • On October 19, 2023, Today at 10:51 AM IST ,On the NSE, L&T Tech stock was trading at ₹4,325.00 with a decrease of ₹28.61, representing a 0.65% drop.
  • Simultaneously on the BSE, L&T Tech stock was also priced at ₹4,325.00, experiencing a decrease of ₹28.95, equivalent to a 0.66% decline.
  • L&T Technology Services Ltd. operates within the IT Software sector, specifically in the IT Consulting & Software industry. These figures provide a snapshot of the company’s performance in the Indian stock market at that particular time.

This scenario highlights the interconnected nature of global events and the stock market, where geopolitical factors can exert influence on the performance of significant players like L&T Tech in the Nifty Midcap 50 index and nifty IT.

FAQs About L&T Tech Stock

What were the key highlights of L&T Tech’s Q2 financial performance?

L&T Tech’s reported a 5% growth in consolidated net profit and a 5% increase in revenue from operations, demonstrating its resilience and strategic strength.

How did L&T Tech’s net profit compare to the previous year?

In the quarter ending in September, L&T Tech recorded a net profit of Rs 315 crore, showing significant progress from the previous year when it stood at Rs 300 crore.

What is the significance of L&T Tech’s interim dividend declaration?

The interim dividend of Rs 17 per equity share reflects L&T Tech’s commitment to delivering value to its investors.

How has L&T Tech managed currency fluctuations in its revenue?

In constant currency terms, revenue registered a 2% year-on-year growth, while the dollar revenue for the quarter stood at a substantial $288 million, showcasing L&T Tech’s resilience to currency fluctuations.

What are the key factors contributing to L&T Tech’s operational excellence?

L&T Tech’s EBIT for the September quarter came in at Rs 407 crore with an EBIT margin of 17%, indicating operational excellence and cost-effective management.

How many patents does L&T Tech hold, and what do they signify?

L&T Tech has a substantial patent portfolio of 1,198 patents, highlighting its commitment to technological innovation and collaboration with customers.

How have global events, such as the Israel-Hamas conflict, impacted L&T Tech’s stock performance?

L&T Tech’s stock has shown signs of vulnerability due to ongoing geopolitical tensions. It registered a negative return of -10.18% in the past week, emphasizing the influence of global events on its stock price.


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